Monday, June 24, 2019

Big weekend event

Sorry this is a little late going up - mom was gone all weekend at a large adoption event both Saturday and Sunday. The event was 11-4 but of course as volunteers, that means set up on Friday, getting there early both days, not leaving until 4:30pm on Saturday and packing everything up on Sunday. Makes for a long weekend. Mom came home Saturday, had a snack and was asleep by 9:30pm. MOL

But there were lots of rescues, lots of local vendors for shopping and food trucks!!!

these are Miss Sarah's kittens having a good time 
on Saturday in our pop up play pen

Cipher and Roomba were both there
mom bought Cipher a rainbow bowtie for the event

cats and stuff to buy at our booth

adoption events are hard work - but this looks
a lot like sleeping on the job

We didn't get any cat applications though we did get a couple of two of the dogs that we had there. Mom says events like these are sometimes more about exposure for the rescue and getting our name out there. Plus it is a great way to socialize kittens to dogs and loud noises and everything else. Sunday morning before they opened, there were sparrows flying around (the event was in a big arena building at the county fairgrounds) and the kittens were mesmerized. 


  1. It's still a lot of work just to publicize the rescue! Yes, and con: kittens get exposure, the volunteers learn how to set up and break down faster each time. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for this babies! THANKS!

  2. We love seeing those panthers looking relaxed at the event. Hoping they find their home, maybe even together!

  3. Events like this one are a LOT of work! I hope you get more adoptions soon!

  4. wee small onez; if ther waz sparrowz flyin round
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ya did WAAAAAAAAY better N uz.....N thatz all we can say bout thiz


  5. Purrs for Cipher and Roomba! We're susre they will find their furever home(s) soon. Who could resist the cute?

  6. Luv that last pic - I can see your black stripes!

  7. I agree that events such as this are just as much about awareness as adoptions. One may lead to the other, but time meeting the public is never wasted.


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