Wednesday, June 19, 2019

the other kittens

Mopar and his tongue
He is doing....OK. He is out a lot when mom isn't home but still
isn't too sure about being held. She has started giving them some 
canned food in the evening and is going to use that as bribery.

The boy is a lover. Once he makes weight and is available for
adoption, some very lucky family is going to get a great kitten.

yes - there is a cat on the other side of the door

so concerned about everything

no Fate, you really can't fit through that opening

Darth Cipher
That boy and his snot. He is on a second round of antibiotics and has been nebulized a few times to help him breath better. Seems to work for a few days and then we are back to hearing him breath across the room. However - he isn't sneezing green snot and heaven knows he is active and eating and being his dorky self. The rescue is concerned it may be a polyp but the only way to really know is knock him out and stick a scope up his nose. We aren't there yet, but that may end up being an option. Of course, he hasn't been neutered yet and therefore can't be adopted yet either. In the meantime, he is very BORED in the kitten room with the littler boys and will happily howl his complaints in the evening.


  1. More cute kittens. Hope they find homes really soon. Have a great day.

  2. What cuties! I really hope that Darth doesn't wind up with a scope up his nose... but he may need one!

  3. best fishes two ewe all when it comez time for adoptshunz !!! :) ♥♥

  4. Oh dear, Cipher we hope you feel better soon and don't need to have a thing stuck up your nose!

    You're all very cute!

  5. They're all adorable. We hope that Darth gets better, and that he and Mopar follow Fate's example of being cute and cuddly!

  6. They are all cuties, but I admire how Cipher isn’t letting his snots slow him down. I think he’d be the one for me.


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