Friday, September 23, 2022

The girls

 They are doing well. They love to play with the toys and fortunately haven't discovered the covers on the doors are probably too low and they could escape if they wanted. Jasmine (the orange tabby) continues to be a little shy but doesn't struggle once she is caught. The torbie girls are very outgoing and friendly.

Mom did get another cabinet for the room and rehung some of the decorations so for now it is done. It seems to be working well.

Mike is still hanging out with Miss Heather. She is having a good time with more space and mom is learning more about Mike's habits for anyone who adopts her.


  1. Kittens are always a surprise!
    Continued purring that Mike finds her furever home soon.

  2. Those little ones are so cute. Nice that they haven't figured out they could bust out if they wanted to. :)

    We, too, and purring for Mike!

  3. They're at that omg adorable stage!
    Good luck Mike! Hopefully the purrfect family finds this cutie too.


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