Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New kittens

 The shelter where mom has volunteered for years needed fosters so mom sent an email and Monday night picked up a 4 pack of girls. The shelter does do the naming though so mom may lose her game of themes. 

These four are Jasmine, Katniss, Primrose and Buttercup. However, it was a rush getting their paperwork so mom isn't sure exactly who is who in the group. But they are easy to tell apart: one orange, one orange and white, one torbie who is more brown and one torbie with front orange tabby leggings. 

We don't know anything about their backgrounds. They are curious but a little timid except for the tabby with orange socks. We will have them at least a couple of weeks. 

Welcome girls!!


  1. Aww, sweet kittens!
    Here's hoping the mama cat is safe somewhere too.

  2. They're adorable! I'm sure it won't take long until they settle in and appreciate your care.


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