Monday, September 19, 2022


 The shelter names kittens when they come in so it's not up to mom. But - she got to see their paperwork at the shelter so we know which kitten is which.

All torbie but more brown
Resembles a sand cat
A little shy but now asking for attention

Torbie with matching orange socks
Totally into ALL the attention
May think she is part parrot

All orange tabby
Still pretty timid
Would like you to not be all grabby please

Orange and white tabby
Not as concerned as she appears
Will cone over after thinking about it

All the girls have purred for mom now. Jasmine seemed very displeased by it but settled in. They love all the toys especially the springs.

Mom had thought maybe she could store canned food on the shelf in the new cabinet. Clearly the kittens have other ideas. As they always do.


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