Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Another change

 Mom redid the foster room. She bought a cabinet for the corner. That open space isn't meant to be a kitten sleeping spot, but we all know how that goes.

She laid some remnant vinyl flooring over out floors to protect them. Easier clean up too. Mom actually thinks the room looks bigger. 

There has been a personal change for mom as well. If you've followed along, you know she started with another rescue this winter. She is no longer with them. It's a story she doesn't want to get into here but it happens sometimes. 

She is still with another shelter and is leaving herself open for the future. 

Mike is our responsibility. She was never signed over to the new rescue so mom will continue to look for Mike's forever family on her own for as long as it takes. 


  1. We know that your Mom is devoted to the cats, and will not stand for nonsense from any rescue group.
    More power to your Mom, and thank her for loving the cats.

  2. I bet you kittens will enjoy all the space, and the new hidey spot too. As for Mike, I think she might have found her furever home already. :)


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