Monday, August 15, 2022

Happy Birthday Mike

 Mike is 1 year old!!! Break out the treats!

If you would have asked when she came here as a foster, we wouldn't have thought she would celebrate here. But we are glad she is happy and healthy. 

Baby Mike

Last night Mike

We are still looking to get her into her forever home. Mom's friend Heather actually has Mike right now for a couple of weeks. She gets more space and is around other cats all day. She is doing really well but was happy to see mom last night. 


  1. Happy birthday, Mike! We sure hope you find a wonderful forever home long before your next birthday!

  2. A year already?!?
    Happy Birthday, Mike, and you are one focused feather hunter and stuffy kicker!

  3. Happy Birthday Mike! Paws crossed you find your furever home soon.

  4. Happy birthday to cute little Mike.


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