Thursday, August 4, 2022

Quick update

 Winslow and Sedona were adopted TOGETHER! The family has kids and we are optimistic it's a great fit.

Bisbee was also adopted separately. 

Just 3 Arizona kittens to get adopted.

Laredo has a friend. Mom borrowed a kitten from another foster so he can learn to kitten. 

Harvey is at the pet store. Garibaldi is still here and having fun playing with Blueberry who is taking a break from the store. Since they are older they are loose in the house and having a good time.

And Mike is still here doing Mike things.

Stay cool and safe!!


  1. Yay for adoptions!
    Mike, being the bestest Mike she can be.

  2. Hurray for all the kitties who have found their furever homes! Purrs for those still waiting.
    As for Mike, I'm happy to see she is happy and doing well.

  3. This is all great news! Paws crossed for the rest of the kittens.


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