Friday, September 25, 2020

Random Fridays

 Be sure to check out All Pet Voices tomorrow for a post by the mom promoting #MyUnspokenPet and Cuddly (she did get paid for the post, but it didn't not influence her story). 

Daiquiri and Ivy are feeling better. Eating normally already. Considering how many teeth try both lost, this is probably an improvement over pre surgery.

The kittens are all doing well. Using the litter box and eating dry and canned food. Mom split the foster room to keep them out of the big boxes but will likely take the barrier down this weekend. It fun listening to them get more mobile (though not more graceful) and find toys.


  1. Ivy and Daiquiri, betcha the Tooth Fairy is going to visit!
    As messy as kittens are, their fuzzy roly poly bodies are just too funny.

  2. daiquiri N ivy; mor trout soop N bye two morrow at round 1:13 ewe bee bee 1000000000 purrcent bak ta yur selvez ;) ☺☺♥♥

  3. Glad everyone is doing well. Happy Friday

  4. My beasts have never had trouble recovering from surgeries, but I know they've just been lucky; sometimes it can take a toll.

  5. I'm glad to hear that everybody is doing well!

  6. Glad y'all are recovering nicely, and those kittens are just so gosh darn adorable!


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