Wednesday, July 1, 2020

We had a visitor

A friend of mine had to drop something off here and of course was invited up to meet the kittens.

Sprout is definitely the most outgoing. She also has the worst of the cold and it's hard to listen to her purr and sneeze at the same time.

Rabi is also outgoing. Followed next by Napa and Kale. Those two have to be caught but don't struggle as much to get down. Savoy gave the stranger a big nope.

If you move too quickly, the 3 jumpier ones will run. But it's been pretty good progress for just a week. 


  1. "The Progression of Skittery Kittens Into Socialized Housecats" by Random Felines

  2. They're so darn sweet, the mom bean is nearly in a swoon puddle here.

  3. It all just takes time, as you well know. They look like they are doing fantatic.

  4. letz hope de good progrezz findz itz way ta grate progrezz !!!! ☺☺♥3

  5. Aww, they are cute. We hope they ALL start coming around real soon.

  6. Just the way kittens stand or pose is adorable...


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