Friday, July 31, 2020

a cooler morning

When we got up Wednesday morning, it was a little cooler out (though it went back to 90 during the day) so mom cracked a couple of windows and opened the sliding door to let in some fresh air.

bird watching
monkey see monkey do

why does everyone need to be between the door and the screen??

mom loves this picture
Napa on the right, Savoy on the left
The boys are ready to go, though mom is having a hard time. It seems tougher to let them move on once they have been loose in the house for a while. Luckily one of the partner stores for the rescue has an open cage so the boys will be going there. They are listed on the website as preferred going together. The store where they are going has great employees who will help the boys adjust to their new surroundings and will socialize them as well.

The kittens adore the bear bed. Since mom doesn't want to take that to the store, she threw a blanket on it to get their scent. Seems a certain senior torbie thought that was a great idea and went back to sleeping on it. Oh well. At least the scent will be familiar. The boys have spent the last 2 days sneaking up on Ivy and sleeping next to her. Mom isn't sure if Ivy has mellowed on kittens or she just doesn't care enough to get up and leave.


  1. They're so cute! We're sure they'll have no problems finding their furever homes soon.

    Nothing better than fresh air whiffies! Enjoy efurrybody.

  2. That is one incredible snuggle pile at the end! Yes, once they've been part of your household daily life, it's a totally different story. Hopefully these two cuties won't wait long!

  3. I like that picture of Napa and Savoy, too; such a kitten picture.

  4. Seriously, the twin cutest of these two will bring adopters running!

  5. Haha, my Sophie goes between the screen and the door every once in a while. So funny! That bottom photo is adorable.

  6. why does everyone need to be between the door and the screen??

    bee coz we can be ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  7. They are such sweet boys. I can see why it's hard to let these two go.

  8. They are adorable and hope they will go together

  9. Oh my word, that threesome picture is soooo cute!

  10. That last picture is just the cat's meow times a million!!! Ivy just might miss her minions.


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