Wednesday, July 22, 2020


In order to introduce the kittens to new things and expand their horizons, mom has let them out for a few hours each day this week. They get to meet the permanent residents, learn some manners and explore new places.

Monday they were pretty unsure of everything. Kale got way too close to Daiquiri and learn a quick lesson im personal space. Which she then politely respected. The boys checked out Chanel and Goldfish but weren't pushy about it.

By Tuesday they were relaxed enough to even come back over to mom and ask for attention. They are still going to need patient homes but it's been interesting to see how much progress they've made in two days.


  1. It's interesting how giving them a little freedom makes them relax--like they were worried about what was beyond that door, and now they know and it's okay.

  2. hay ewe kittenz....itza new age frum yur gram paw N gram mawz age....ya gotta practizz social distancin, spesh a lee a round de older catz

    ;) ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  3. They are cuties - I'm glad they are improving in their social skills.

  4. Hooray for those cuties getting more and more socialized. They're so cute all piled on the duck like that. :)

  5. How cool that they get more socialized ! They are so cute ! Purrs

  6. I think their progress is excellent, not too fast, not too slow...


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