Monday, April 29, 2019

weekend report

we have hit the messy stage

Dyson - so very judgy
The vacuum kittens are still jumpy. They will let you hold them and at least are no longer as squirmy to get down immediately, but they are still a work in progress. Miss A went in with mom on Sunday and Bissell HISSED at Miss A something fierce. But...she then backed off - she was never aggressive, but hissy - and did come over for pets and scratches. Definitely one of those times when you wish cats could talk. 

the decoder kittens in the pen in the living room

The kittens got to socialize this weekend - Saturday night our friend Miss Z came over and Sunday morning Miss A came over. Since the decoder kittens are in the bathroom and it will never fit 2 people and 3 kittens, mom moved the pen into the living room and let the kittens hang out in that. It actually worked really well. Mom would never leave them unsupervised, but it gives them a little more space to run around and a different environment to check out.

They spent the first few minutes being weirded out by the different space and the ceiling fan and then got into playing and climbing on the ladies. They are now 10 weeks old and about the same size as the vacuum kittens so they are pretty little for their age. But eating and active and social so that is more than enough for us. Mom needs to weigh them, but isn't worried about them at all. They are no longer sneezy and snotty and have their first round of vaccines. Their neuter surgery is scheduled for May 20, so we have a few weeks with them yet.

Daiquiri was having a case of the crazies on Sunday morning. She doesn't get them very often and they don't last long, but when she does:


  1. They of course are all so cute. That Dyson is one adorable kitten. You all have a terrific day.

  2. Your kitten cup runneth over! When Manny gets crazy, his eyes go wide, and he races up and down, and all around! We need to do more play therapy, I'm sure, to drain off that youthful exuberance!

  3. All the kittens (and we count Daiquiri with them) are so very adorable. What a lot of fun!

  4. best nooze iz de messy stage never leevez...well, for me it haz knot
    at 11 monthz ;) ☺☺

    mackerull BJBF

    N 984 pawz uo two ewe daiquiri on yur moovee ☺☺ ♥♥

  5. They are all so cute ! You're funny, Daiquiri ! Purrs

  6. You sure have your hands full with all those kittens! How fun!

  7. I LOVE seeing her doing that..Daiquiri I mean. That is so much fun to watch! The kitten are so pretty and so perfect I am dazzled.

  8. The decoder kittens look like they've been sentenced to jail time by Judge Dyson...

  9. Cute video of Daiquiri. I love it when the cats get the crazies.

  10. Yep. That's the crazies. Bear doesn't do them very much anymore ... but Ellie still gives us a bit of a show.


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