Friday, April 26, 2019

decoder kittens

Chanel getting all flirty with the boys

They are doing well. Mom gave them dewormer preventative and it gave them....the runs. However, it seems to be clearing up so hopefully that is over. Yuck. They are still super friendly and VERY vocal about what they want. Daiquiri went over the gate the other night and hissed at them (which is rude considering she is in there to steal their kitten food). The boys just stared at her.

tuxedo girls
always looking for trouble

Chanel has recovered. Her foot looks all healed up and now she just needs the fur to grown back. She has been chasing Goldfish around the house (who is very glad the bandage and the cone are gone) and Chanel also pounced on mom in bed the other morning, so she is obviously feeling much better.

Ivy has decided to spend the weekend like this
she suggests you find something similar to do with your time


  1. So glad Chanel has recovered. The kittens are just too cute. You all have a super day and a good weekend.

  2. Chanel is a force to be reckoned with! Ivy, I'm with you, since the weatherguessers are bandying about the 's' word for us tomorrow! EEK!

  3. It's great to see Chanel is feeling better!

  4. We're glad that Chanel recovered so well ! Purrs

  5. Chanel and Goldfish must be a hoot to watch! The whole curiosity and cats thing is real ... it normally gets them in trouble!

  6. Aw, those kits are so cute. Chanel really is a tease.

  7. So much fun! The boys are adorable and so are all the girls. What does Junior make of all of this?

  8. That's great news about Chanel being all better. Daiquiri, maybe a stealthier, less hissy approach would work for getting that kitten food. :)


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