Wednesday, April 24, 2019

vacuum kittens - 5 weeks old

He is our scaredy boy. He hissy at mom and takes the longest to come 
over when she is in the room (unless she just grabs him). He actually
got startled the other day and spit at Bissell which was pretty funny.

Our bold intrepid girl. She is the first to come over for attention 
but gets squirmy being held. She is all about beating up the boys though.

Oh he is a lover. He will come over with some encouragement 
but will let mom flip him right over and rub his belly.

Dyson - king of the scratcher

Roomba in her cave

Love Dyson's expression - "stop mom"

da boyz

All the kittens are doing well. Bissell is too though she certainly still has some hand issues that mom is working on with her. Bissell loves to be scratched and have her ears rubbed, but move your hands to fast and she will slap you around.

The kittens are all eating canned and dry food. Mom is having to limit the canned food as we seem to have an ant invasion. Mom got some advice and seems to have thwarted their efforts for now. (she cleaned the threshold to the sliding door with a lemon cleaner and put down cinnamon along the base boards and also along the wall in the garage where she feeds Allie).


  1. EEK! ANTS! My mother just mentioned that she has ants in her condo, in the middle of the place, which makes no sense to me. Hope you've thwarted them! The kittens are just too cute; Dyson and Hoover have wonderful white chins...

  2. Mom bean says she absolute adores Hoover. We say she can't have another kitty! Good think you kitties live so far away.

  3. You can put a plate with water in it under the bowl with the ant-attracting food, since they can't cross a moat, but that might be a kitten disaster.

  4. They are all just too cute but Dyson is our favorite for now. We have ants too. Not fun.

  5. Glad to see all of the cuteness, and to know they're all well. Dyson on the scartcher made us squee over here. :)

    Ants ... ugh, gross!

  6. The kittens sound like characters! I hope those ants stay away.

  7. everee onez lookin g.r.a.t.e. !!

    N pleez ta tell de food ladee ta uze wee babee powder....nothin fancee... her can get de dollar store brand...antz canna crawlz thru it... pluz it can get "shoved under" like baseboardz N "in bee tween" stuff....trooth....we got it all over trout towne !!


  8. They all are so cute ! Thinking of Dyson spitting at Bissel made us smile ! Purrs

  9. Boy, it doesn't take long for personalities to develop, does it? Astonishing.


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