Friday, September 28, 2018

Random Friday

Junior likes to sleep IN the house
Chanel decided she could do one better and 
sleep UNDER the house

Just the girls hanging around
Ivy, Chanel and Daiquiri

skeptical - very very skeptical
Mom has no idea what she is going to do with this girl. She has been able to touch her a couple of times, but she still flinches and run. Oh - and Goldfish has a new hobby....hanging by the door to the foster room and making like she wants to escape. Mom is contemplating putting her in our trap next week and dropping her off to be spayed and making sure she gets an ear tip (and microchip just in case). The thing mom worries about is that Goldfish has now been inside so long that could she really be safely released?? Mom is going to have to talk to the head of the rescue and make some decisions.

Mom has been very grateful for our foster web cams (there are tabs at the top of the website you can click on to see what is happening at any given moment). After last week, she says it has been a huge relief to be able to check in - especially if she can catch all the kittens playing. 


  1. Aww Goldfish, you sweet heart. Laser also likes to sleep under baskets etc. She likes to flip them upside down and sleep like that.

    I love the webcams! Lots of sleepy kittens at the moment. :)

  2. Further to my earlier comment i've spent my whole lunch break watching them play. So lovely!

  3. Chanel, that is hysterical, you going under the bed. Mom has a cat that is feral in a room for over a month now, and has only seen her once. Guess we are going to have to trap her and take her back to her outside home. It is too bad since the other cat in there and the one under the bed are best friends and they play like crazy when Mom isn't in there.

  4. Chanel, do it your way! Following the crowd is boring...
    Goldfish, you are seriously adorable. Perhaps after spaying, your instincts will make a switch? Whatever your future brings, I know that the team looking after you will get you set up purrfectly. And, foster mom, some cats just have to be outside, as hard as it is for me to type that (since I want Sweetie and The PO'M inside like nothing else, but they WON'T COME IN!)

  5. Chanel reminds me of someone around here. Someone with fur that almost matches mine, but is smaller and bi-eyed. Hmm...

  6. Perhaps she thought there was a mouse under that house!

  7. Goldfish, we hope everything is going to work out with you. Hope you don't have to run away. Chanel is too funny with sleeping under the house. Goldfish we think that you all should take it day by day. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. Have a great weekend.
    World of Animals

  8. Poor Goldfish. We think she’s confused...she doesn’t know what to do. We hope all works out for her.

  9. I wish there were some easy answers for Goldfish. She is a difficult girl to work with. :-(

  10. That Chanel...she's a real character! :)

    We're sending our purrs to Goldfish, we hope she soon figures out the mom bean is pretty darn good.

  11. Chanel, way to one-up Junior. MOL!

    Sorry to hear Goldfish is presenting some challenges. We do hope things get figured out soon.


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