Monday, May 14, 2018

weekend report



not so comfy - but not leaving either

Ivy was parked in that house on Saturday. Mom saw Daiquiri stick her head in and then pull it back out. About 10 minutes later she looked up from the book she was reading to find that Daiquiri had shoved her way in the house. Ivy looked annoyed at first but apparently decided she wasn't moving. We think Daiquiri was hoping the passive-aggressive thing would work out for her, but no luck. They stayed in there together for over an hour though before Daiquiri packed up and left.

Delphi and the kittens went to a short adoption event on Sunday. The kittens were freaked out at first and definitely weren't too sure about being out of the crate, but decided napping was better after the first 30 minutes or so. Delphi on the other hand was NOT having a good time. Mom had put her in one crate and the kittens in another. After 20 minutes or so, mom moved Delphi into the crate with the kittens. She settled a little but was still very nervous about everything around them. That said, about 5 minutes after getting home, Delphi was passed out on the Ikea it wasn't lasting stress. haha


  1. We’re glad Ivy stood her ground and didn’t leave the house.

  2. Good idea to take the Mom and kittens to a short event. Guess they have to get used to doing that kind of stuff.You all have a fine day.

  3. There isn't a sign on that little house that says "capacity 1 cat"?

  4. Our rescue-group has a 'show-and-tell' the second Saturday of each month, and some cats do very well, some are scared to death, and most just want to go home. Sigh.

  5. I hope next time Delphi and the kittens go to an adoption event, they're a little more relaxed!

  6. I watched a movie this weekend, about fashion designers for women. The models paraded the dresses. Cats often don't do well when on parade, or show-and-tell. It's not natural to them, I think.


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