Thursday, September 7, 2017

don't chew on that

When mom was at Blog Paws, she was talking to Miss Joanne from The Tiniest Tiger and was given one of those ring stand that you stick to the back of your cell phone. Mom had purchased something similar for our grandma's phone but never really thought about getting one for herself. This one however is shaped like a cat and mom immediately stuck it on her phone. She says it is nice since it makes her phone sit up a little bit better so she can see it at a glance.

However....we have also now proven that it is kitten proof:

When there are kittens around mom has to leave her phone face down. While it does go into a resting mode, it isn't technically "locked" so all it takes is some random kitten sliding across the phone and it wakes up. She has in fact had to delete a couple of tweets that someone sent.... But the phone being face down means the ring stand has to stand up to kitten teeth.


  1. Everything around there must be, um...kitten-proof!

  2. I love all cat shaped things and may have to get one of those for my phone. Good to know it's kitten proof.

  3. As you know, cats will find anything they can to destroy or just play with. That sure looks like a great thing to chew on. Good luck.

  4. How funny that the kittens will send out Tweets - they are getting started on social media awfully early, aren't they?

    1. you should have seen the kittens playing with Miss Julie's ipawd at Blog Paws

  5. hay ewe wee onez....ear budz R total lee grate for chewin on two !!!!

    ~~~~~~ tuna of moon ☺☺♥♥

  6. I can help you mini kit-cats out with that!!! Just send me a text - I'll be right over!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret "Jaws of Steel" Thatcher

  7. Nice to know that the ring stand is kitten proof.

  8. What do you mean don't chew on it?? It's sticking up there perfect for chewing!!

  9. Why on earth would you delete kitten tweets?? those are the best kind!

    And that ring is kitten tested and kitten approved Joanne, you should list that as a selling feature.


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