Thursday, January 19, 2017


Housewreckers R Us
Work cheap
Results may vary

Mom still has our gingerbread house from 2015 in the living room. The castle is in the foster room and will probably stay there. After this adventure, we aren't too sure how long the gingerbread house is going to survive....though mom plans to leave it out since someone is usually sleeping inside it.

roof inspectors

doesn't look sturdy, does it?

inspector's boss lady says - you are doing it wrong

ok kid - get outta there

It is amazing how well this has held up over time. Of course, with the foster room, there aren't marauding kittens that cause more destruction than we do around here. 


  1. Looks like they are having such a good time destroying the little house.

  2. Kudos to the architecture ! Strong !!!
    Have Fun

  3. Yes, duct tape defies even cats - for a while.

  4. That's called 'roof load'! When you live in a cold climate, the amount of heavy snow pressing down on the shingles is carefully considered. In this case, heavy snow is replaced by kitty weight! LOL!

    1. fortunately it is the resident light weight up there. pretty sure it wouldn't hold up to anyone else

  5. Ours is still relatively unscathed! Even Binga isn't all that destructive. My human should consider herself lucky.

  6. Oh, you kit-cats are having a BLAST with that house!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  7. total lee awesum post guys !!!! we N joyed thiz....even if ya R

    "home wreckerz" ;)


  8. That's a pretty good wrecking crew you have there. They are doing an awesome job of deconstruction! I'll bet it was a fun house when whole!

  9. We knew that house couldn't last forever! :)

  10. Duct tape is some mighty strong stuff to stand up to deconstructionist cats! :)


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