Monday, December 19, 2016

weekend report

It was still pretty chilly here but warmer than mid week. Amazing that 32 degrees feels balmy after 6 degrees and a negative windshield. Mom especially worries about our feral girl Allies this time of year,  but Allies has been seen a few times this week...once even confirming for mom that Allie does take refuge and sleep in the shelters in the garage.

Saturday morning the little girls got out of the foster room. And that afternoon Mom took Chambord up to the adoption center. It wasn't very busy so at the suggestion of another volunteer that cleans at the same store where mom cleans, they put Chambord in with the patriot girls for a couple of days. If no applications by Monday, mom will take her to the adoption center on Tuesday.
Cassis is enjoying being out during the day but mom is putting her back in the foster room at night.




The rest of us spent the weekend keeping warm and snoozing.


  1. Glad Allie has been seen and is using the shelter. Great pictures of everyone.

  2. That's where I want to spend the day, snoozing in comfort.

  3. It is weird how double-digit degrees makes us feel bouncy and 'aw, this isn't so bad!' after negatives and bitter winds. Many of the words I've been using, during this recent Siberian Snap, have been HBO words,!

  4. Brrr! I'm glad Allies has your garage shelters to come in from the cold. My human was amazed at how quickly she adapted to temperatures 30-40 degrees colder than what she is used to... and how fast she re-adapted once she got back. Yes, 50F degrees is freezing again for her, MOL!

  5. We're so glad Allie has your garage for a shelter. We always worry about the strays and ferals.

  6. It's freezing here! Glad everybuddy there is stay comfy and cozy.

  7. Everycat looks so comfy on that couch!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. Aww ... that bed is very popular. Cassis looks like she's enjoying exploring!

  9. I love seeing everyone on the couch!! And what a black panfur beauty!!!


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