Tuesday, November 1, 2016

weekend report

Mom took Russell, Saldano and Dandelion to a senior living event in our area on Friday. Everyone did very well and we did some sales of cat toys and got some donations.

Russell and Saldano are ready for adoption, so they went up to the adoption center on Saturday. No news, but we hope they get adopted quickly.

The brandy kittens and Marilyn are in the foster space and doing well. Marilyn sounds kind of stuffed up so she will get checked out this afternoon. Then she should be cleared for surgery and she will be ready for adoption. Mom will get her into the adoption system and then talk to another volunteer about getting Marilyn into a store space when one becomes available.

The brandy kittens continue to do well - active, hungry, and ready for action. Mom weighed them and everyone is STILL under 2 pounds...though Calvados is creeping up on it.

Freedom sure does love that hammock

Liberty - giving mom "the look"
We are fortunate that we have a friend who is going to help us socialize the girls some. We are hoping that having them exposed to different people will help build their confidence. They still need to be spayed - and the clinics here are just overbooked. But once that happens they will go up on the website (and hopefully to a store space as well).

Dandelion - too bad he can't relax
Dandelion is doing very well. He has made himself at home (NO - he is NOT staying). Daiquiri has decided he isn't so bad....unless he is stealing her toys, then it is a whole other thing (and by that we mean she walks over to mom and meeps a serious complaint about it).

before Saldano and Russell left
the little ones sure do love that scratcher


  1. Good morning tots! Thanks for the update. Everyone is so cute.

  2. Love the two little kittens with their heads side by side. Four little eyes. Glad everyone is coming along.

  3. I want to add a hammock for Chuck and Angel; just haven't figured out where. Seems some kitties really dig those things!

  4. Whoever adopts Saldano is going to be one lucky duck!

    1. we just hope they don't have kids...she might eat them :)

  5. Lots of good kitten stuff going on at your place!

  6. Wishing for lots of good adoptions and socializing and everything! So many sweet kitties!

  7. best oh bloo gill N trout two everee one !!!! we hope ewe all findz yur for everz bye PIE day !! ♥♥♥

  8. I wish I was close enough to help socialize the girls. That would be so fun! Love Liberty's "look."


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