Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Mom says there is nothing much more fun or a better way to de-stress than for her to go into the foster room and play with the kittens. They sure do know the meaning of fun....and everything is a toy.

Russell - king of the trackball

If you look close, you can see they both have a paw in the game.

Pictures taken when Wheat was still here. She ended up in another foster
home and mom heard over the weekend that she has made it to 2 pounds.
Hopefully her toes will clear up and she can head to her forever home soon.

That incline scratcher is a big hit. Not sure how much longer Saldano is going to be able to fit in the hole however. One of the brandy girls climbs up to the top, digs in her claws and then hangs on the incline. 


  1. Well, your kittens just made MY day, so thank you for that.

  2. Watching kittens is like being at a three-ring circus, except without the scary clowns....

    1. thank heavens for no scary clowns....though the momma cat got ticked off last night....close to the same thing MOL

  3. That's definitely a cool scratcher, glad they like it!

  4. They are all so cute! I think they should make a big sized incline scratcher for adult cats - I would love a toy with a hole in it.

  5. It is so much fun to see those kittens having so much fun. They really just too cute.

  6. Those pics made us smile. Kittens are a fabulous de-stressor when they're playing like that! (Our biped would like to borrow them for the work days, please.)

  7. The kittens are so cute ! We love to see them playing with the scratcher, and hiding in the hole ! Purrs

  8. Watching kittens play can really take your mind off of stuff, the mom says.

  9. hay ewe wee onez....we N joy see in yur fotoz az much az ewe N joy playin with yur awesum toyz !! ♥♥♥ russell....ya ree mind me.. oh me when eye waz young; eye finded me for everz place in TT round age... one .... eye think !!

    butter lover boomer o cat =^..^=

  10. Aww play time is the BEST timeee!! Very cute! Looks like youre loving those toys! Thank you for sharing with us :)


  11. Kittens playing...what could be better?
    Have a great week...

    Noodle and crew

  12. yes, stress relief until you go in and see they peed on the couch again..
    Can I come play with yours so I don't have to worry about that sort of thing ;)


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