Monday, October 24, 2016


We have great news from the weekend:
Sumac made it out of foster care and was brought the to remote store adoption where mom cleans. Friday night a nice gentleman came in and was talking to the volunteer cleaning that evening. She got Sumac out and it was love. He filled out an application and Sumac went home on Sunday!!!

And one of the adults in the store went home Sunday as well. A very good day indeed.

Dandelion - resting up from all his adventures
Daiquiri has thankfully stopped hissing and growling at him. No idea if she thought she was being replaced as the baby or what her problem was with him, but she is over it. At least until he stole her toy.....

Russell is all: what the what is this??

This is Kirsch.
Mom has no idea why the brandy kittens are getting white hairs,
but it is making the girls easier to tell apart in pictures.
Calvados has more white than either girl, but
Kirsch looks like she stuck her head in a can of paint and has a circle on her face.

Mom broke out the flower collar again. The participants were particularly unwilling to cooperate. MOL

The patriot girls are getting better by the day. 
Hopefully they will clear up completely and can be spayed soon.
They do act like they want out of the tower and could certainly 
use more space to run around. But mom is afraid they might freak 
out and then she would have to catch them again.


  1. The Brandy kittens are frosted! Yay for Sumac!

  2. We are very happy about the adoptions. That flower collar.. we can totally see why the kittehs might not be so pleased about it, even if they do look awfully cute.

  3. So glad Sumac has a great home. Very exciting. Russell is not at all sure about the collar. Too cute.

  4. LOVE adoption news! That collar is adorable, even if they don't particularly like it!

  5. Ah, good news about the adoptions. I enjoy reading that.

  6. I love that great news about adoptions and the flower collar is precious!!!

  7. Yay for the adoption news! It's always a good day when there's an adoption.

  8. You sure keep busy! I'm so happy for the cats that got adopted this weekend. :) There is nothing quite like finding that perfect match. The flower collars were a good try. They are super cute even if they are worn under protest. :) I will send out some extra prayers and purrs for the patriot kitties and their continued healing.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  9. YAY Sumac!!!!! And the adult kit=cat!!!!
    I hope that flower collar, albeit cute, doesn't give our mom any crazy ideas!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. sumac....a most happee gotcha day two ewe N all de best oh bloo gil & friez in yur new for everz home !!!!!! YAY !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    N guys......we wood knot be two happee with de collar either......just sayin....

  11. Yippee for good adoptions and forever homes! We are in love with those white hairs!

  12. Great news for Sumac and the other adoptee. Continued purrs for all the kitties.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  13. Paws up for Sumac! We hope she'll be very happy.

  14. YAY for adoptions!! and I love the frosted flowers you have over there

  15. That is wonderful for Sumac and the adult cat!

  16. Way to go, Sumac! The other all look so adorable, especially with the flower collar!

    The Chans


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