Friday, June 10, 2016

random Fridays

Well, the flower kittens did very well after their surgeries and will be headed up to the adoption center today.  We suspect they will all be gone by the end of the weekend....or at least we hope so. Amaryllis goes for surgery next week and then will go to one of the remote locations for adoption. If you didn't see it on Instagram or Facebook, we got an update from our friend Miss Beckie about Trillium who is still a little wheezy but doing much better.
mom loves that face (Daiquiri)

Daiquiri and Tommy

Well, the newbies have names. Sticking to a spring theme, these 5 are going to be named after types of trees (and honestly, while naming the torties girls, mom cracked herself up - see if you can figure out why):




the orange boys won't hold still
They are: Cedar and Alder
(need to get close up pictures to be sure which is which)
torties: (front to back) Juniper, Hemlock, Sumac

Mom was leaving for work the other day when she saw the first picture and managed to get it before anyone moved. Then she realized that everyone was actually over there and got this picture. OK - so the torties are in one pile, one orange kitten is moving and the other is facing backwards. But....this is whole current crew.


  1. The picture of Daiquiri sleeping reminds me of Nissy. purrs


  2. Although we humans sometimes complain about the amount of time that cats nap, we certainly love to watch them while they do it!

  3. That's a great photo of everyone! One must always have their phone/camera close by for moments like this. Happy Friday!

  4. Wow! It's Kitten-Polooza! Amyrillis looks so not into tots anymore.

  5. Oh, we just LOVE that last photo especially!!!

  6. You'll never get another chance for a picture like that!

  7. How fun, three torties! MOL Glad to hear Trillium is doing better.

  8. So much cuteness in all these pictures, but especially the last two!

  9. The last photo is wonderful ! It looks like the chosen names are going to encourage some tortitude ! Purrs

  10. So glad to hear Trillium is doing better ! Love to all !

  11. Too precious...and you can only imagine what those little tortie babies do to me! There's going to be some *major* tortitude there!

  12. Love all the photos...of course Daiquiri is one of my faves...and I love all the little kitties. I saw the flower kittens on the camera the other day; they certainly didn't seem to be suffering any lasting effects from the surgery. I'm sure they'll be getting lots of love in their new homes.

    I'm a bit of dolt as I didn't get the reference with the tortie names. You'll have to explain it to me.

    Have a great weekend!


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