Monday, June 13, 2016

weekend report

We hope you all had a nice weekend. It was HOT here on Saturday. Mom was cleaning at one of the remote adoption locations for the rescue and ended up calling the police for a small dog locked in an SUV. Our state has passed a law for breaking windows for pets and kids, but it doesn't go into effect until August. As the police (finally) showed up, the family (WITH KIDS!!!) came out of a nearby store and the cop did lecture the dad. Hopefully they won't do it again....

As for adoptions, the best laid plans and all that.....

Mom took the flower kittens up to the adoption center after work on Friday. Dandelion started doing his cough from being sick in May so mom ended up leaving Orchid and Muscari (who, it turns out is a BIG whiner). She planned to meet the head of the rescue Saturday morning to have her check Dandelion.

Well, turns out he was running a fever....and the other two didn't look so hot either. Mom ended up picking them all back up and bringing them back home.

The little ones are sick as well. From all appearances, it is a virus called calici. The FVCRP vaccine covers this, but since the older kittens were sick, their vaccines just started and the little ones got their first one when they came to our house. All of OUR vaccines are up to date, so it isn't something we will get from them. And Amaryllis was vaccinated right after the kittens were born, so she had time to build her immunity. Mom got a text from Miss Beckie that has Trillium and apparently he had a fever on Friday. Must be a weird family thing. Anyhow, they are on meds and the important part is to keep them hydrated and eating (which they all are). However, nothing like trying to socialize hissy torties and now having to catch them twice per day and force meds on them. sigh.....



Juniper and the boys
(she the friendly tortie)

Hemlock and Sumac
still not sure about that foster lady


  1. Here's hoping they all bounce back quickly; they are bouncy kittens.

  2. I can see how trying to show kittens that humans can be trusted, while forcing medicine on to them, may be a bit of a problem. Good luck and best health to all there.

  3. Oh no, those poor little guys. We hope they are back in the adoption ring very soon.

  4. hoo boy, calicivirus ... I hope they're feeling better soon.

  5. We sure hope the little ones are all better super soon.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that the kittens aren't feeling so well. Sick kitties aren't much fun. I hope they get better very soon! Great job on saving the dog in the hot car too. It is so aggravating that people still do things like that.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  7. What a bummer that they're all sick. :-( I hope they are all better soon and that the Flowers are back to looking for new homes.

  8. Oh no ! We hope they all get better soon ! Purrs

  9. Oh, no! We sure hope everyone starts feeling better! Poor little kit-cats!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. Colds in kittens suck. We hope they will ll be feeling much better very soon.

    The Chans

  11. Oh no, sorry everypawdy has da sicks. But we's glad some of ya' be purrtected and not have to worry 'bout ketchin' anythin'. We's sendin' purrayers and hope everypawdy's feelin' better and gets great homes soon.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  12. You can still get it with the vaccine, but they say it won't be as bad.

  13. sorree guys ta heer yur all knot feelin 100 purrcent

    heerz hopin by weekz end, everee onez at leest 99.8 purrcent
    N feeelin WAY total lee better ♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Poor babies. We hope they all feel better real soon.

  15. Hope they all feel better soon. Sumac has the most beautiful green eyes.

  16. That's gotta be tough! I hope they feel better soon. And I'm glad that guy got a talking to and hopefully he learned his lesson.

  17. Proud of you with the doggie thing! We think that guy should have to sit in that car just like the doggie did for as long as the dog did! That might make an impression!
    Aw, poor sick babies! purrs!!


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