Friday, June 3, 2016

Random Fridays

Our friend from Glogirly visited Best Friends as an ambassador a few days before mom went out there. They just missed each other, but the posts and pictures she got are pretty amazing.

ours aren't quite as good as Glogirly, but the flowers are pretty

maniacal laughter (Orchid)
*while being sniffed by her brother Dandelion

Dandelion telling secrets to Muscari
(he looks stunned doesn't he? or maybe just confused)

synchronizing kittening
with Muscari and Dandelion

pow - right in the kisser (Orchid)

The kittens are scheduled for surgery next Tuesday and then off for adoptions. The rescue doesn't have a ton of ready to go adoptable kittens right now, so we suspect they will be adopted pretty quickly. Amaryllis needs a chance to dry up her milk and then she will go as well. Mom is hoping that a spot will open up at the remote location where she cleans and Amaryllis can go there.


  1. We hope that these lovely kittens will find wonderful homes after they have been adopted.

  2. Will miss them all, but quick furrever homes is terrific!

  3. My human is so envious of both you and Glogirly! Best wishes to the kittens as they go off to their new lives.

  4. Oh they are so sweet and beautiful and innocent.

    1. we aren't so such about the innocent caught Muscari climbing the screen door last night (right before everyone got a pawdicure)

  5. Ohhh, that photo of Dandelion telling secrets to Muscari is over the top cute!!!

  6. guys...we think yur flowerz foto iz awesum; az iz all yur fotoz two fishes next twooz day durin "ewe noe what" & we hope each of ewe findz yur for evers home bee fore box day ♥♥♥♥♥

    heerz two a stoneroller minnow kinda week oh end♥♥♥

  7. These kittens are so adorable, I'm certain they will make their forever homes very happy.

    Just read through the past three posts of Best Friends, and the wonderful work they do. Thanks for sharing the information, it is so wonderful these cats, dogs, and bunnies have a chance.

  8. Too bad you just missed Glogirly. It would have been fun to meet.

    Adorable kittens.

  9. Good luck to the kittens. We know they'll all find pawsome homes.

  10. Such adorable kitties! I'm sure they'll find loving homes, but we're crossing our paws anyway!

  11. I would love to go visit Best Friends. The kittens are so precious.

  12. Paws crossed for fantastic forever homes.

  13. These pics are so cute. I wonder what that secret was. Hope they all get adopted quickly!

  14. I would love to take all four - but I suspect I couldn't keep up with kittens anymore, and the four already here would probably be in the same boat.

  15. Hopefully Trillium is doing ok and will be well soon too !

  16. I am sure these cuties will get snatched up right away.


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