Thursday, May 5, 2016

5 weeks old - flower kittens

They are getting more and more active for the most part. Mom caught Muscari trying out the canned food the other day, but no one else seems interested yet. So long as they are doing ok in the weight department and active, mom isn't too worried about it. One would think Amaryllis would be ALL OVER those kittens eating on their own, but she doesn't seem to care either.

weight: 1 pound 3 5/8 ounces

weight: 1 pound 2 3/8 ounces

(oh - and the vet confirms he IS a boy...oops)
weight: 14 3/8 ounces

weight: 1pound 5 1/2 ounces
(and still champion)

lurv their momma and the milk bar
(Muscari on the left, Trillium on the right)

Mom noticed last week that Trillium weighed about the same and was coughing some. She checked in with the rescue and the whole crew made it to the v-e-t on Tuesday. Everyone was unimpressed - except for Dandelion who got all hissy and spitty and made mom and the v-e-t and their student laugh.

Anyhow, after some x-rays and consulting, the v-e-t called mom back and the kittens all seem to have pneumonia. YIKES! The rescue started them on meds on Saturday, so they will continue with those for another couple of weeks. Trillium is the worst followed by Dandelion. Muscari and Orchid have spots on their lungs but it isn't too bad yet. The biggest thing is keep them on the medication and make sure they keep eating. The rescue is giving us a nebulizer to use for them in addition to the oral medication. Hopefully no big deal and they will be 100% pretty quickly. 

Mom is also investing in a battery backup for the web camera. She talked to a guy last night who is techy, and he suggested that it may not be the router or the speed but it may be a fluctuation in the power to the camera and it shuts off. A one time investment in a backup is cheaper than increasing the wifi speed - and he didn't think that was the issue. Mom is going to check all the connections too and see if she can move the router and plug that into the backup as well. Wish her luck. If this works, the camera should be on more consistently (which will make mom happy...she hates when she gets to work and the thing is offline - especially now with sick kittens).


  1. Oh, poor babies! Purrs to them all that the meds do their thing and everyone is fine soon. Paws crossed for them!!

  2. Yikes! Kittens are fur-covered rubber balls...they'll bounce back with the medication, I'm sure!

  3. The pneumonia must have been a startling discovery. I hope all the kittens recover very quickly.

    It must have been frustrating for Dandelion to be mean and terrifying - only to be laughed at. Life as a cute little fuzzball.

  4. I hope the medications work quickly and that all will be OK!

  5. Poor little guys - I hope they all feel better very soon!

  6. I need a new wifi router, because with the webcams going and everything else we have running in the house it is getting frustrating that it knocks itself off line so much. hum.. my husband has been asking me what i want for my birthday...

  7. They are so adorable!!! Dandelion and Trilliums little pink jelly bean feety-feet made all of us SQUEEE!!!!
    PS: We sure hope the meds clear up the pneumonia! :(

  8. Oh you adorable sweetest babies. PLEASE get well and count your blessings have such a good mom!

  9. hay ewe wee ones.....we send blessings frum R pal frank N we hope
    everee one iz 100 purrcent better... even faster than quik lee & sooner
    if they waz ina race~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ { de food serviss gurl sayz her kinda
    haza eye dea now, oh what eye looked like az wee one....eye was 15 months
    at adoptshunz time }

    tuna of moon ~~~~~~~~

  10. The new room you've set up for them looks so nice and cozy--I'm sure they are enjoying it!

  11. We're purring that the kits are better real soon.

  12. Aw, poor kits! We're purring and praying that they get better fast!

  13. We are purring for all those young kittens and hope they will feel much better very soon.

  14. Poor babies ! We send them tons of healing purrs, and we hope they feel better soon. Purrs

  15. OMG! They are incredibly cute! What little precious gifts!

    Pet lovers please check out my homeless cat blog archives for some fun posts and archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage.

    Debby in Prescott Valley, Arizona

  16. It sounds as though you and the rescue are on top of things, they should heal fine, small kittens can be amazingly resilient can't they? A Twittter friend had a small kitten with asthma (the first I had come across then!) and the kitten grew out of it with hardly any use of the nebuliser. These cuties will, I hope, grow up and cause a lot of cute trouble!!


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