Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wellness review

We are part of the Chewy Influencer Group and receive no compensation for our reviews. All opinions are our own. We did receive the food for free but it did not influence our honest opinion. 

Amaryllis here reporting from the foster room. The foster lady has been feeding me well. She did try some canned food but after a few meals I decided that wasn't for me. When she was offered something different to try from Chewy, she thought she would see if that appealed to me.
Thankfully she got the salmon and tuna variety. The website says it is grain free and has lots of stuff that will keep me health. The foster lady is just hoping I will eat something to help me from turning into a stick since I am nursing those kittens.

The foster lady says the orange bits are sweet potato and carrots. Not sure that vegetables were going to be my thing, but with enough gravy they were pretty tasty.

*some kitten smelled wet food and was spying on the process

gratuitous kitten picture

nom nom nom
(she cleaned the bowl with no pausing)

I give it 2 paws up. It had a good bit of gravy which was very delicious. The foster lady has been leaving out the dry food for me and making sure I get this food in addition to that. I like it so much I shoved her out of the way yesterday while she was getting my breakfast ready.

Thanks to Chewy for letting me review this food and providing me with some nutritious noms.


  1. That food seems to be going down very well and the Mummy Cat really, really enjoyed it.

  2. It's impossible to have too many kitten pics. And Amy - you need to keep up your strength, girl. All those babies are very demanding.

  3. Eat up, sweet mama! You need your strength!

  4. Paws up, Amaryllis! I like to see you eating.

  5. Momma kitties need all the calories they can get :)

  6. Great review Amaryllis! We are sure enjoying seeing your babies growing up. You're a pawsome mom!!!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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