Monday, September 7, 2015

weekend report

Today is Labor Day here in the US and that means mom gets a long weekend. 
We plan to celebrate by doing NOTHING!  MOL

Mom took Reno, Topeka and Anise to an adoption event on Saturday. There wasn't much interest other than "aww they are cute". Not too all honesty these events are more about talking to people than adoptions. A pair of early 20-something girls stopped into the store with a 5 week old kitten they had found. Mom talked to them about shots and gave them some info about our local low cost spay/neuter clinic.

After the event, the kittens went up to the adoption center. Mom will get their info up on Petfinder, but really kittens get adopted much faster where people can see them in person. Most of the kittens at the center are older than these three, plus the cute factor, so we suspect they should be adopted quickly.

Nashville is having fun running around the house. His eye is looking some what better but not enough to go the adoption center. He has turned into a ladies man and can be seen flirting with Tostada and Daiquiri. Tostada is pretty relaxed around the house and is cuddling when in the mood. Considering she was the most skittish of the fiesta kittens, mom was surprised by the turn around.


  1. It's interesting that adoption events are more about talking to people than adoptions. Two of the three of us came from adoption events, and we thought they were more about actual adoptions!

  2. It's the same when I take one of the rescue-group's cats to the local pet-supply store to show him off. Many come over to admire whoever is in the big cage that day, but few adoption inquiries result. But it makes people aware of the rescue-group, and of the cats.

  3. We certainly hope efurryone finds their furever homes soon. Purrs to Nashville too.

    Have a great Labor Day!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Crossing our paws for forever homes for ALL. Happy Labor Day to you!

  5. It's been all work, work, work around here! Do you know how hard it is to nap in the air conditioned house while Mom and Dad are doing yard work?! It's exhausting!

  6. Guys, you ARE laboring. You're lying about being cute! Tostada! LOVE that name.

  7. Paws crossed that Nashville clears up and can go up for adoption very soon!

  8. Nice to hear you're all doing nothing today. So are we! Happy Labor Day!

  9. Just crossing our paws that everyone finds a fantastic home.


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