Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meet the Moos

When mom dropped off the three kittens on Saturday, she knew we would have space in the bathroom. Topeka and Nashville are out during the day and spend the night in the tower.

There were a couple of options - a couple of kittens that just need to put on some weight. And also a mom cat with two little kittens - maybe a couple of weeks old. Mom cat was already spayed by still had some milk. The kittens are orphans. A local prison helps our rescue by doing some of the rescue's laundry. The head of the rescue got a call that they had found a pair of kittens. The rescue told them to keep their eyes open for mom and we will trap her and spay her if they see her. In the meantime, there were kittens that needed help.

Luckily the mom cat took on the kittens. Our mom picked up the mom cat and kittens and got them set up. Mom cat is kind of upset - not so much a true feral cat but also not very sure about being locked up and having mom coming in and out of the bathroom. She was ear tipped when she was spayed, so the rescue will have to decide what to do once the kittens are weaned. While some may disagree about letting her back out with the colony where she was found, if she is very unhappy being inside, she deserves to live her life without being stressed. Our colonies are all managed, so she will be cared for by a caregiver and watched over. It could also be that she is just freaked out and will relax over time. She will sometimes let mom scratch her on the head but will still hiss as well.

Mom cat will be called Devon. The kittens have their eyes open and are sort of mobile. They are fat and happy so Devon is caring for them well. The kittens are both black and white and there is one male and one female. And while mom usually doesn't use people names for kittens, she cracked herself up about these two. Please meet Mollie Moo and Mac Moo.

Mollie Moo

Mac Moo


  1. What cute babies - we love the names Mollie and Mac Moo.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Devon, Mollie Moo and Mac Moo are in the right place! And I hear ya about whether Devon is feral, or just stressed. You and your rescue are the best ones to decide on that, and thank you for all you do!

  3. Yay, new babies - and a mom to help! It does sound like Devon might just be stressed... but I guess you'll find out!

  4. ~~~~~~~~ waves....veree nice two meet ewe two mooz !!! due we heer a doctor Seuss rhyme in de makin !!! ♥♥♥♥

  5. What little cuties! We hope that Devon settles in, but if she's truly feral, it's better to be feral in a managed colony than feral on her own.

  6. We are so thankful that your Mom took in Devon, MollieMoo and Mac Moo. We know you'll figure out about whether or not Devon's feral, or just stressed. THANK YOU for your love and care of these precious ones.

  7. I agree with Devon's ultimate fate. I know you won't put her back there if there is a chance, but if she is ultimately happier out there, that really is what is important.

  8. OH what cuties! I hope the mom calms down and starts loving people so she can be adopted too, but if not, then I'm glad she's got a good place to go!

  9. Your mom is AWESOME! Those little kit-cat babies are so cute! THANK YOU for taking them and their surrogate mama in!!!


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