Friday, May 8, 2015

random Fridays

good looking brat, isn't she?

Tostada and Taquito

she looks concerned right? don't worry....she's fine

Hard to believe they will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies....

If you or anyone you know lives in central Ohio, mom will be out at a HUGE adoption event on Saturday. 40 rescues plus vendors and sponsors. Adoptions galore (we hope).

The Fetch A Friend Event was put together in the hopes to get attention and get people adopting. Mom overhears people say all the time "shelters are depressing, I can't go there". Well, this is at the local expo will be a long day for mom but we are hoping for lots of good things.


  1. Those kittens look more adorable every day.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Such cuties! Good luck at the adoption event.

  3. Fetch a Friend sounds like a wonderful event! I hope lots of furry friends find their furrever homes this weekend.

  4. You kitties are SO CUTE!!!!!
    Good luck at the adoption event!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. OMC! Teeny tabbies! We hope you do well at the adoption event!

  6. Those babies are sure growing up fast, and mom bean says they are getting cuter by the week. Meh, we've had our fill of a kitten this week.

    We hopes there are lots of adoptions at the Expo. Have a great weekend efurryone!

  7. That event this weekend sounds like LOTS of fun! If my human lived in the area, she'd totally be there.

  8. Those kittens are so cute and yes Daiquiri, you are too cute too. Wishing great success at your event to find homes for everyone..

  9. OMC, they're just precious and adorable, Mom Jeanne! :)

    Good luck with the event!

  10. The mom is squee'ing over those kits! Good luck at the adoption event...we purr for lots of adoptions.

  11. We saw on FB that some furbabies did find new homes...HURRAH!


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