Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year 2014 in review (part 2)

July found Mae West outside our condo. She was already spayed, so after being tested she went to the rescue to find a home (still looking for a home by the way). She is adorable....and chatty. MOL
We posted an update on the geology kittens. And Pearl got a family in Michigan. Katniss reappeared (thank cod). Mica and Amber were adopted (separately). And we had some oranges arrive at the house.

August brought us Check Your Chip Day (we were disappointed to discover it was about microchips not potato chips), Black Cat Appreciation Day (Mo says that should be EVERY day), and a state of the cats report. Baby jail got an upgrade and Cass and the alcohol kittens arrived. Unfortunately a famous blogger Sparkle left us. And Coral became a permanent member of the house.

September got us an update on those alcohol kittens. Kahlua joined their family and Stoli and Sangria got some time out in the living room....and made Coral look HUGE.
We gotted a new carrier...that became a mancat cave. And lots of adoptions: Ash, Quartz, Sunshine and Clementine and Tangerine (together).

October - a month mom wishes she could have skipped. Coral started getting sick...and got sicker...and ran for the Bridge. She was six months old. Stupid FIP.
But, we gotted a new water fountain, celebrated National Feral Cat Day, mom went to an art retreat and then headed to BarkWorld/MeowWorld.

November gave us mom's report from the conference. We had a feel good story about Aiden. Tim and Tom had to go visit the v-e-t for their snot. And....we gotted a gingerbread house!!!

December brought a good house trashing (nothing some packing tape couldn't fix). Some weird test results and having Stoli and Sangria get adopted together. Plus we had a great time celebrating with other bloggers with the Santa Kitty Toy Hop, Pet Bloggers' Gift Exchange and Secret Paws. Plus of course Christmas. And, helping to heal our hearts, we added Daiquiri to the family as a permanent member.
that girl is just goofy

We wish ALL of you a wonderful, peaceful and healthy 2015. There have been some joys and some losses this past year....for us and for our friends. Mom swears she is going to resolve to help us comment more often, but know that we are reading and following...even when mom falls down on the job. We are looking forward to more fostering next year and BlogPaws in Nashville in May.

Love and kitty kisses from all of us here at Random Felines

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  1. Such an amazing year for all of you. Happy new year! We're hoping that 2015 brings only the best things for all of you!

  2. We are so thankful for you, your friendship, and all that you do for so many animals. Happy New Year! Wishing you a 2015 full of happiness, health and light.

  3. We wish you all the best for 2015 ! Happy New Year ! Purrs

  4. We sure wish you a very Happy 2015. We are so glad that Daiquiri is a permanent cat there at your house. She is so cute.

  5. I was so sad when I read about Coral in October - I bet I would have really enjoyed meeting her. :-( But how awesome that you were able to help all those kitties! Paws crossed for a home for Mae in 2015!

  6. Wishing you all a very Hap-Pee New Year filled with good health, peace, love, and lots of treats and cuddles! :)

  7. Happy New Year efurrybody! It sure has been a furry busy year at your house. We hopes 2015 will bring lots of adoptions ('specially for Mae West) and health and happiness for efurryone.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Last year sure was a busy year for all of you, with both joy and sadness. We were so sorry about Coral, but pleased as punch "ha ha!") when Daiquiri became a permanent member of your family. We wish you fun, treats and good health in 2015.

    The Chans

  9. Lots of highs and lows for you this past year. But we love that you ended on a high note by making Daiquiri a family member.

    Happy New Year to you all...we wish you much happiness in 2015.

  10. Mowzers, what a year....

    Happy HAPPY Mew Year to you!

  11. A busy year of ups and downs for you. Mae West has a squawky meow. We hope the New Year brings you lots of happiness.

  12. The second half of the year seemed to have been marginally less busy than the first - though it probably didn't seem like it there.

    I hope 2015 brings adoptions to those who need them and health to everyone!

  13. mae...we total lee understood then N still due now, contin mewed best fishes two ewe on findin yur for evers....

    coral: ♥♥♥♥♥

    N guys...we wood love ta follow ewe on facebook but we iz knot a loud on face book N well, twitter...itz a burd thing !!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

  14. Wishing you all the best in the New Year. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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