Friday, January 2, 2015

Random Fridays

Hey Ivy - we don't think your head is gonna fit through there

As you can see, our gingerbread house is still holding up (ignore the staple marks around the
windows - we are blaming Stoli and Sangria). And mom is happy to sat that there is normally a cat snoozing in it as well. Money well the tape on the corners has prevented further issues with it coming apart. If Target does it again, we do hope they make it a little bigger - the house tends to come off the scratcher when certain parties here stand up to exit. MOL

We want to take a minute to THANK each and every one of you for being our friends and continuing to read and participate in this community....otherwise we would just be talking to ourselves. MOL

the mom here: my friend Amy posted on facebook the other day looking for one word to inspire 2015. Which got me to thinking, especially in light of the review of 2014 I had up here the last couple of days. It certainly seems sometimes that we all get caught up in the moment. But looking back, it is more of a roller coaster - some ups and some downs. And a good deal of it from outside sources.... so how to start 2015? Being a music fan, I think the Beatles said it best "Let it Be". Take a moment to breathe in and breathe out... realize that THIS moment will end and the next will come. Life is a journey - it isn't a race. There is a destination, but honestly, what is the hurry to get there??  Yes, there will be frustrations and sadness and moments that are overwhelming. But they are moments....not the entirety. I love being part of this blogger community where we can gather together for encouragement, information, love and loss. Thank you for once again choosing to travel with me and the cats and fosters on this journey. I can't guarantee results but I can guarantee it will be worth the ride.


  1. "breathing in and breathing out" "Let It Be" a perfect mantra for 2015 and one I am trying to put into use every day!
    As for the tape on the cabin? Cody would be having a tape buffet!!!!

    1. Mo likes to chew on tape, but this appears to be stuck on well enough that he can't find an edge (of course, there is still time)

  2. Ha! That gingerbread house really is holding up well! So cute.
    Let it be -- wonderful advice.
    Happy New Year -- wishing you all the best for 2015!

  3. That gingerbread house look as though it is very well loved.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Glad the Gingerbread house is holding up. It seems they really like it. You have a great Friday.

  5. I'm happy to have found the Cat Blogosphere. I recommend it to everyone owned by a cat, if only so they can see that whatever happens to or for their furry friends, they are not alone. I'll be checking in on you throughout the new year.

  6. Happy New Year from your friends, Bocci, Bella and Parental Unit!

  7. We hope that 2015 will turn out to be full of nice surprises for you!

  8. You're right, the Cat Blogosphere rocks ! Purrs

  9. guys...yur houz IZ holdin up reeeely grate.... N like now it haz characturr ☺☺

    N yur mom iz a veree wize purrson ~~~~

    heerz two a grate week oh end filled with sun, salmon & sghetti ♥♥♥♥♥

  10. My human has NO idea how to let things be, MOL! Sometimes I think she is crazier than Binga.

  11. Glogirly's always loved roller coasters, so she's pretty good at enjoying the ride. Sometimes she even lets go of life's handles. ; )

    Now Waffles, well he's got some questions about these beetles. haha!!!

    Wishing you lots of love and laughter in 2015!
    ~Katie, Waffles & Glogirly

  12. I wish my mom would make a cool house like that for me!

  13. We missed out on those gingerbread houses. But that's okay...we've got lots of places to sleep. :)

    Let it Be...yep, wise words.

  14. I wonder what it is about cardboard that makes it so satisfying to kitties to sink their teeth into it.

  15. Oh boy, we love those houses, but our kitties are SO big that I'm thinking no way would it work for us.
    So you're saying, basically, that the big cats 'raise the roof!' lol Pawsome!
    Know what Jeanne? We're glad to be on the journey with you, we love reading what you do and we think you rock!

  16. Photos were super cute, but I really like your last thoughts. At my age, it is important not to make a race out of life...I don't have more than a couple decades left, and I don't want to get to the end too quickly. Hugs, Janet


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