Thursday, June 26, 2014

vacation day 2-3

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More vacation:

Tuesday am was over in Dogtown. They wanted to go to the Puppy Pre School but it was full so went over to the Gardens to walk the young adult dogs. They walked 2 dogs before mom saw....a SNAKE. Yep - rattlesnake. So they sat for a while in order for one of the employees to come see if she could find it and move it (she did [yes, that is part of her job....ewwwww], caught it and the snake was moved out further in the sanctuary). It wasn't a huge snake, but between that and the lizards and the sand, the kid said "I have had enough wilderness". :) [for the record, the snake was maybe a foot long and the lady said maybe 2-3 years old - not huge but big enough for mom]

The kid communing with Nizhoni
(who was wonderful and is looking for a home)

This is Amy. She is an older girl and has cancer.
They are doing their best to keep her comfortable until she has to cross the Bridge.
Mom and the kid sat with her while waiting for the snake lady to show up.

Tuesday afternoon they went to the Bunny House. Mom had to take picture to prove the kid does actually know what a broom is for. MOL  Actually, the kid was wonderful and a great help. They clean cages and socialized some bunnies by hand feeding cilantro. 

There was even a guinea pig named Fritz. The kid got to cut up fruits and veggies for his dinner and feed him as well. They said that the guinea pigs usually aren't with them long as they tend to get adopted very quickly.

Tuesday night was another sleepover. This guy is Beethoven. He was a wonderful dog. Again slept with the kid. At one point mom said they were both sleeping sideways on the bed. And Beethoven is one of the dogs approved for eating on patios (the people eat, he just hangs out), so they went to dinner with mom's friends who live and work out there. They have him listed as a St.Bernard but he looks like he weighs about 50 pounds and certainly wasn't very fuzzy. He did bark at people outside the window, so they shut the curtains. Mom had to hush him a couple of times during the night when he heard noises outside, but he was a great dog.

Wednesday morning and they made it here:

The kid was thrilled - they got to meet a group of puppies that are Great Pryneess/Anatolian Shepard mixes (remember the kid lives with a Pry). Two of the pups were fuzzy and the rest were short haired. They were taken in from another shelter. All but one had applications as of last week and in fact one was being adopted and going home that week as well. They were 9 weeks old and just learning some basic trainining and how to walk on a leash (that is going to take some more work - most of the pups weren't so sure about those leashes).

Wednesday afternoon they went back to the cats. The kid requested they go back to Cal-Mar and that's what they did. It was getting way to hot for walks, so they socialized and did some cleaning as well. Mom says the kid appears to be well on her way to being the cat whisperer.

Here she is with Foley on the shelf and Barney and Bronte in her lap.

The lucky sleepover girl that night was Harper (seen above). She is SO sweet. She loved to snuggled and purred and slept right next to the kid all night. (mom said she was feeling a little deprived by now)


  1. You are SO SWEET to go volunteer there! What joy you brought those kit-cats and puppies!
    By the way, our mom wouldn't care HOW big the snake was. A snake is a snake. She's got the heebie-jeebies right now, just thinking about them. :)
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  2. It sure looks like lots of important things were going on and lots of fun too! Happy Birthday to Jan!

  3. Mom says that's the kind of vacation she where the kitties and woofies get to have sleepovers. She feels so deprived when she travels without any anipal companionship. Loved all the photos. XO, Lily Olivia, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Mauricio, Misty May and Calista Jo

  4. What a wonderful time you had at the sanctuary. Well, except perhaps for the snake....

  5. So that is what cilantro is for. I wondered.....

  6. My human LOVES lizards! She loves snakes too, although she wouldn't cozy up with a rattler - so she would probably really enjoy the nature at Best Friends. How fun to have a kitty to sleep with every night.

  7. A holiday with animals - isn't that what we all have with our pets every day? Seriously, though, I don't think I could go on holidays somewhere without my beasts.

  8. whoa....if de food gurl heer had seen de snake her wooda went all sissy pansy N ran all de way bak ta TT in record time !!! thanx for sharin mor fotoz...N we wunder bout de "st bernard" two....puppy maybe ????

  9. What an amazing adventure you had there! It's wonderful how many special needs animals they care for.

  10. Hi, come by and hang out at our new party, hope to see you there:

  11. How cool that you were able to have a guest sleepover...well, at least the kid did. ;)

  12. We were sorry to read about Harper (in the next post). We hope to never meet a rattlesnake. Guess you really were doing the wilderness thing.

    Sorry we're late but we want to thank you for coming by to leave Jan a comment on her birthday. She had a great day and ate lots of pizza. but didn't bring us a crumb. :)

    Funny Farmers & Jan


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