Monday, May 19, 2014

weekend report

Let's see.....

Mom got up Saturday (we made sure it was EXTRA early) and took off for a transport.
This sweet old man is Rufus. He spent his entire life chained to a dog house and then was taken to a high kill shelter in Kentucky. Fortunately, someone stepped up and contacted Ontario Bloodhound Rescue and he was pulled and this past weekend went from a foster in Kentucky to a foster in Ontario. He was SO super sweet and just seemed happy to go along with whatever. 

Then mom ran around and stopped at the adoption center for the rescue. There she found a cute fuzzy black kitten. More on her tomorrow.

And Sunday, the kittens went on an adventure. Jade and Coral stayed here. Mom knew Jade would be able to get out of baby jail and Coral is so little that mom just doesn't want her handled too much (which we know would happen due to the overwhelming cute).

First it was an adoption weekend at Petco. Mom packed up the four bigger kittens and headed off over there. She talked to some very nice people, Amber screamed a lot for attention, and a very nice lady bought 2 cases of Fancy Feast for Jade and the kittens. Woohoo!!!

Then it was over to the adoption center for their Kitten Shower. Mom says she wishes she had remembered to take a picture of the pile of donations. It was great. The kittens got to experience the outdoors - even a couple of dogs (Amber was unimpressed and gave one of them her best halloween cat impression). The exposure was always good and it helps the kittens with their social skills to be handled and have to deal with different environments.

Oh - and get mom was setting up at Petco, she was talking to a man who was checking out. It was Milano's dad!!! She had been worried as she had sent a couple of emails but hadn't gotten any response (he admits he doesn't check his junk mail). Anyhow - Milano is doing great. She has bonded with their older daughter and even gets chased around the house by their rabbit.  MOL


  1. We're seeing more and more places doing kitten showers. What a great idea for rescues and organizations to get much-needed supplies.

  2. A kitten shower is an awesome idea, no one here has yet tried that, to the best of our knowledge.

    Good luck to Rufus -- he looks like a sweetie.

    And we'll be waiting to read about the black kitten!

  3. What a great feeling that Rufus must be feeling.....FREEDOM!!

  4. Sure glad that Rufus found a foster home. That is great news.

    I bet those kittens enjoyed all that attention and the sunshine. They are so so cute. Hope they find homes really soon. Have a great day.

  5. A kitten shower is a great idea--I may suggest it to our local shelter! Can you tell me any more about how it works? Do you send out invitations or put something in the local paper?
    I must admit, Jeanne, you are inspiring me to look into volunteering at my local shelter. Mostly I'm afraid of getting too attached or too upset if things don't go right. I'm not sure how you keep your spirits up.

    1. It can depend on the day. And you really need to find the right fit with the right shelter and then make friends - it helps to have friends who can help you when the times get tough. As for the shower, we were helped out by a local company for volunteers and put the notice up on the website and sent flyers to the volunteers to spread around and post. From there is was set up to take donations, tables up with things to sell (we have a resale shop with our adoption center but you could have people donate crafts), tables for bake sale items...and of course lots of adoptable kittens. :)

  6. Oh what fun! A kitten shower. I love it! Glad that poor Rufus is going to finally have some love in his life

  7. The kitten shower looks like a lot of fun! Especially with the kittens showing off their cuteness.
    Good to hear Milano is doing well and that Rufus will have a second chance for a happy life.
    Have a great week!

  8. I am so happy that dear Rufus got to make the great escape!!!

  9. we hope rufus finds hiz for evers home.....N all de best two de wee kittehs.... & coral....trout....honest ta cod....trout.....a few servings a day ♥♥♥

  10. I love the idea of kitten showers! Sounds like such a productive weekend!

  11. Awwww Rufus is such a good boy! And all the best for these kittties too!! Take care

  12. We're so glad Rufus got pulled out of that shelter and is now in a foster home. He looks like a nice woofie. It won't be long before all those cute kits will find furever homes.

  13. So happy for Rufus! We bet he will blossom in with freedom and a forever home. How neat to hear that Milano is doing so well. :)

  14. We never even realised there was such a thing as kitten showers!!!

    The Chans

  15. Ooooh, that's such great news about Milano!!! Sounds like great news for everyone!

  16. What great news about Milano. We always like to hear that the past fosters are doing well. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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