Friday, July 26, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Some comments from Tuesday on the Litter One system:
"will it stand up to a super scratcher" - we have to say maybe not. The floor of the box is smooth though, so it may take some abuse. Licorice's nails are still pretty short so she can't do much damage.
"my cat likes to chew cardboard" - yeah, we hadn't thought about that. This box may be way too much temptation for a cardboard chewer.
"does the cardboard stand up to pee" - so far so good. Not sure the back would last nearly as long if you have a spayer, but it might. But there are some spots on the floor where the litter didn't cover as much as it should.

So here is Licorice's update: don't know how it is going to last 4-6 weeks....maybe 2 with the amount of litter left. The cardboard scoop they included doesn't work so well - bent in half pretty quick. And the cardboard does absorb some pee though there isn't any smell.

Mom really wanted to like this product, but it may need some work.

Mom was off Tuesday for one of those "gotta get a million things done on a weekday-day". The beer kittens got their rabies shots.....Stella was grumpy, Busch hissed at the vet and Miller got so worked up he panted and drooled on mom. sheesh....  And we really don't understand where their families are - these kitts are so friendly and outgoing and are even dog-friendly.


Our Sierra girl has a new mom. Now if we could only get her up to weight..... anyhow, if you have curious cats around or are at work, you may not want to turn up the sound on this:

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. We got a grand total of 39 comments so mom will be sending $25.00 to OBR!! *she rounded up, not that she can't do math 

Quick Licorice update (sorry no new pics). Mom took her to the vet on Tuesday to get her spots checked out. The vet thinks she is over-licking due to the itches. So Licorice is getting antibiotics and a steriod to help with the itchy and the inflamation. has to give her a bath. Oh joy..... 

If you hear screams this afternoon, don't panic.  Mom just feels bad cause it is hard enough pilling Licorice (not is the giving it to her sense, more in the pitiful expression sense) and feels like she is going to betray what trust they have built up. Hopefully Licorice will be less itchy and forgive mom quickly. Oh - and get this: in 2 weeks she gain 1.5 pounds!!! YEAH!!!

We hate to end on a sad note, but this was posted on the website for the rescue where we foster:
"Our Hearts are Saddened...

We are saddened to learn of the death of one of our wonderful volunteers, Lanlin Zhang Lee.

Lanlin was the proud mother of Maisy, a cat adopted from Colony Cats (& dogs). She was a regular worker at the Kit & Kaboodle Boutique, always with a warm smile and ready hug.

Please remember her husband, Eugene, in your thoughts and prayers. Lanlin's life ended too soon and she will be greatly missed"
Photos of Lanlin Zhang LeeWe understand that she was competing in a triathalon in New York when there was a bike crash. One other rider was killed as well. Mom met her once and while she seemed a little reserved she was very nice.


  1. Sending purrs and prayers to Lanlin's husband and family, and to the other rider's family as well, what a terrible tragedy. There doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to life. It made more sense to me when I was young and thought I had some of the answers.

    Purrs from the boys for forever homes for the kittens, and for Licorice too. Good luck with the bath!

  2. What a lot of news. I can understand the concern about betraying trust that is built up. Never fails that unpleasant things HAVE to be done and we fear the worst. Usually doesn't happen or at least they don't hold it agaist us too very long. They must remember all the good things.

    I am sorry to learn of that Volunteers passing. That is especially sad. Blessings to her family.

  3. We are so sorry to hear about Lanlin's death in the triathlon and send our condolences to Eugene.
    We are sending big purrs to Licorice and hope the itches subside.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. So sorry on the passing of Lanlin - prayers for her family.

    Good luck with the bath - having done it, I don't envy you that job!

  5. so sorry about Lanlin.

    Also sorry to hear about Licorice. I hope she is feeling better soon.

    The kittens I'm fostering are card board chewers and they left the box alone. Maybe because they had different boxes to chew on.. but again your mileage may vary

  6. We are sending purrs and purrayers for Lanlin's husband and family. It's so sad. :(
    We hope the antibiotics, steroid and bath will help Licorice less itchy. Poor baby.

  7. We are so sad to hear about Lanlin. Our condolences to her husband.

    We hope Licorice takes all this medicating in stride. Poor baby.

  8. That is so sad about Lanlin, so very sad. I hope all goes well with the pilling.

  9. Hooray for a successful commentathon! OBR will be so happy.

    That is so sad about Lanlin, and we are purring and praying for Eugene amd Maisy.

    We have our paws crossed that the bath and pilling go better than expected!

  10. How very sad - when it's your time it's your time and sometimes that comes home in hard ways.

    Maybe Licorice will enjoy her bath?

  11. We're so sorry to hear about Lanlin! She sounds like a very special biped!
    We hope the antibiotics do the trick for Licorice! And the b-a-t-h. Shudder. Good luck.
    Play bows,

  12. Happy that Licorice gained all that weight but sorry about the bath and other stuff. Also sorry I missed yesterday's commentathon.

  13. What an awful tragedy to lose a volunteer in an accident like that. My heart goes out to Lanlin's family.

  14. Oh we're so very sorry to hear about Lanlin. Purrs to her family....

    And oh my CAT, mommy loves Sierra! What cute itty bitty mews!!

  15. That is very sad about Lanlin. Must have been a bad bike crash.
    Sierra, you are just too cute with that meow. You will never lack of attention with that meow going on. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  16. Thanks for answering the questions about the litter box. We didn't think it would work for us, and we believe from your answers that would be true. Can't believe the beer kittens have not been adopted. They are adorable. That was nice of your mom to round up her donation. And finally, Mom will pray for Eugene. What a tragic loss for him. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  17. Oh, what a unfortunate loss of Lanlin, my thoughts go out to her family.

    Glad to hear Licorice is feeling better, good luck with the bath!

    Can't imagine why the kittens haven't found their forever homes. I know I'd take in an instant if I could!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Thank you for the comforting comment on my blog.


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