Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Fridays

Uncle Bill has left the building. He will be boarding at a local vet until Monday when his new mom will pick him up. When mom was dropping him off, his new mom came in to see him. The family was originally going to adopt a kitten named Flame, but he is very very sick. So Miss Beckie talked to them about Bill. But the lady hadn't even seen a picture of him since he is no longer on Petfinder due to being in the witless protection program.  She took one look at Bill and fell in love. Go figure...


Kyan has a new love. Mom saw this the other night and almost fell out of her chair laughing.

Yes ladies and gentlemen - that is Ivy that Kyan is snuggling with on the cat bed.

And we have good news!!!

Opal went home on Wednesday. She will have her own kid and a senior golden retriever to love on. Plus her new mom said they are keeping her name!

And.....Cory and Kyan will be going home together on Friday. Mom is having to scramble to get Kyan neutered (shoulda done it when you did the others mom....) and then to another volunteer to send them home, but they will have a firefighter dad and a pair of teenage boys. Wooohooooo

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