Monday, July 1, 2024


 The kittens went in Friday for vaccines and weight check. They are all looking good so the plan is for them to go back to the shelter on Wednesday and then be available for adoption on Friday (since Thursday is a holiday here)

Since they are vaccinated and been here long enough, they got their freedom on Saturday. They are allowed out during the day but sleep in the foster room at night. 

Not sure why the best sleeping spot
is under the desk and chair

Nothing brings them together like snacks

Asleep on the arm of the sofa
Yes, she did fall off but onto the sofa 

Slightly terrible picture but still funny
Bobbidi was on the back of the sofa and
Boba jumped toward her


  1. Such sweet wee babies; may their new families have years of love with them.

  2. Lively times with kittens!!!!!!
    Purrs Winnie

  3. So, so cute! That's really great that they are ready to find their forever loving homes. Good luck, little ones


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