Monday, June 17, 2024

Intruder alert

 The kittens had a bit of a stomach bug last week but after a vet check amd some meds they are feeling (and eating) much better. Of course after 5 days of meds they also think mom is evil, so more bribery will commence.

In the meantime, mom went out on our balcony on Sunday morning to water her plants:

Boba of course followed but when mom didn't let her outside, she decided to sit and watch the kittens. Boba was very polite. The kittens were unamused. 


  1. Kittens! They can be hilarious.
    Glad to read that they are feeling better now.

  2. Love the floofy tail! Your balcony garden looks lovely.

  3. Unfortunately, we have to be the bad guy when a cat needs meds.

  4. We're glad the babies are feeling better, but sorry Mom had to be the "bad guys." That little light-furred kitten sure got puffy watching Boba!


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