Monday, July 8, 2024

New kitten

 First: to no one's surprise, Cinderella was adopted pretty quickly on Friday. It looks like Bibbidi was adopted on Saturday. 


If you follow us on social media, you know we took in a kitten on July 4th. A lady reached out to various rescues about a special needs kitten. (also previous posts say"he" turns out mom is out of practice and the kitten is a girl)

Now, right off the bat mom isn't in many "rescue" groups or anything similar online because it's hard to see all the "need help" posts and not be able to do anything (or, let's be honest, occasionally smack people).

This one was different. Our friend Miss H sent a video to mom and this isn't something she does. One look and mom is like ok, I'm in. The contact was through a local rescue who knew the adoption process would be more difficult. They use a partnership with a large pet store, and it just creates problems putting certain cats or kittens in that environment. 

H and mom picked up the baby on Thursday. Mom cat has a spay appointment as do the other kittens. But the lady has limited funds and was getting a lot of push (even from a vet) to euthanize the kitten due to "quality of life". 

So meet Pumpkin. The lady's grandkid named her so we are keeping it. She has a vet appointment later today but mom is 95% sure it is CH. She's pretty wobbly but also 6 weeks old, so it's a weird combination of coordination and just learning to get around. She is eating on her own and using the litter box. Mom says she is a tiny velociraptor. She is very vocal and bitey when she eats. Mom either holds her around the middle or just let's her do it herself. Cause if your fingers are too close, you are fair game.

Someone is VERY interested 

Mom is trying if Boba has ever seen this playpen. Maybe?? The top is unzipped during the day since there is about zero risk of Pumpkin escaping. But Boba, despite growling at her the first day, is sort of more curious now.


  1. Aww, Pumpkin!
    Hugs and purrs for this sweet, even if bitey, baby.

  2. Aww, we already love little velociraptor Pumpkinosaurus! Sending purrs for a good vet visit.

    Hey Boba, what do you think of that little one???


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