Monday, May 1, 2023

Kitten season is springing

 Mochi has been spayed and is at our partner store to be adopted. Paws crossed she doesn't have to wait too long.

  Boba is here with us for a few more weeks. Not quite big enough to be spayed yet. She is quite the handful as she is displaying some "single kitten" behaviors - mostly she is very bitey. 

  And we have a group of newbies. The rescue is working with a lady caring for cats in her neighborhood. The momma cat of these kittens is feral, so she will be spayed and released. These 4 have pretty gunky eyes and some other things going on so mom is keeping a close eye on them. One girl a brown tabby and 3 boys - all orange or orange and white. Mom is going with Italian desserts: Tiramisu for the girl, the boys: Gelato, Biscotti and Zeppole. 


  1. Hopefully the goopy eyes and other issues are resolved quickly and Boba can have some playmates closer to her own age. Have fun!

  2. Sending healing purrs to the newbies

  3. Kittens at your place will get the bestest treatment!


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