Monday, May 22, 2023

Road trip and...

 Mom went to visit her family this past weekend. Since Gelato is on meds, she took him and not wanting him to be lonely, took Zeppolli too. They were pretty good on the car and also good in the play pen. 

The family, especially mom's niece (ie the kid) loved seeing them too. 

Gelato has a vet appointment tomorrow so hopefully an update on his head tilt and meds after that. But everyone is acting great and gaining weight so that is good news.

In other news, Boba is being spayed today and will then be available for adoption.

Plus Daiquiri and Chanel both have appointments for dental cleanings, so big vet week for several cats here.


  1. Nice to spread that orange loveliness around! We cross paws that all the vet appointments go well.

    The Chans

  2. Well, someone has to finance our veterinarian's new vacation getaway!

  3. Good luck with the vet visits!


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