Monday, May 15, 2023

Didnt need that

 Well the Italian dessert kittens are giving mom heartburn. Tiramisu - the only brown tabby and only girl - has been great. Couple days of goopy eyes but that cleared up pretty quickly. The main goal now is to get her more friendly.

Biscotti and Zeppolli are doing well. Biscotti got a bath last week and is holding a grudge about it. Zeppolli (he has the more visible white) is a typical orange - very friendly and outgoing. 

Gelato though. Geez he is giving mom a run for her money. Last Monday she fed them dinner and all was well. Two hours later he was barely able to stand and had a pretty serious head tilt. After a call to the rescue, they met up, had a chat and the head of the rescue took him to an urgent care vet. They diagnosed toxoplasmosis. He's 0n meds. The tilt is pretty noticible but he is doing really well. He's eating and actually playing with his sister.


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