Friday, December 3, 2021

Spay neuter oops

 All 5 kittens had their surgeries yesterday. 

Turns out mom may need remedial kitten classes. Buster and Mike....are both girls. Oops. 

Everyone is doing well. Gnocchi and Rigatoni will head up to the adoption center. Mike and Chickpea are both on meds for upper respiratory stuff. Buster will go online but hang here for a little bit. 

And yeah gonna have to fix the names. of wobbly kittens are hard


  1. Well, what are ya gonna do?
    Kittens are small, their parts are small.
    Hoping all feel better soon.

  2. I do that ALL the time ... my little sweet girl named McTavish for instance - MOL!

  3. Mikey works for a little girl (could be short for Michelle). Buster is a little more difficult to convert, :)

    Glad to hear they came through surgery well. Purrs that the upper respiratory issues are resolved soon.

  4. My human has never had to determine kitten sex, but she probably wouldn't be any better!


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