Monday, December 13, 2021

Lazy weekend

 We are SO far behind....sorry

First: all of the noodle kittens are back at the rescue. Everyone has bern adopted except Gnocchi and Manacotti (who is being treated for a cold). Even Farfalle the momma cat!!

We added a new single kitten that the trapper named Horton. He is super sweet and just needs to get big enough for surgery. Baloo does treat him like a cat toy though which he does not fund amusing. 

Everyone else is doing mostly well. We are dealing with some things with Chickpea - she has some sinus issues going on we need to get figured out and resolved. Buster is up on the rescue website and Mike will get posted soon. 

Otherwise, mom is working from home and buried in rescue paperwork while we take it easy. 


  1. The cats have the right idea! Horton is a cutie, mom bean just went all squeey over him.
    Paws crossed that Chickpea is feeling better soon, and all the other kitties find their furever homes soon.

  2. Horton is so cute, what a sweet face ! Purrs

  3. Horton is a little doll!
    Cats, if only we could make money off of them while they sleep!

  4. Glad the mama got a forever home too.


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