Monday, November 29, 2021

Weekend report

 The rest of the kittens go for spay/neuter surgery on Thursday. 

Mom was kitten sitting some bottle babies on Saturday. Baloo was pretty curious.

Mike and Buster have been getting along great. However Sunday morning Buster got out of the pen so he ended up in the foster room with the other kittens. Mom is thinking about a rug in there so Mike can be in there too.


  1. Although you didn't ask for advice, here is something that we've learned:
    Carpet remnants.
    Every carpet store has pieces of carpeting that they'll sell (or donate!), and because kittens will make messes, you may want to have a supply on hand, and discard any piece that gets gross.
    I know there is outgassing from new carpet concerns, however.
    Another thing we've used is carpet samples from carpet stores; out-of-style samples are tossed away; perhaps you can persuade a store or two to donate them to you?

  2. Buster and Mike are such cuties. I chuckled at Baloo's interest in the newbies. Good luck to the kittens who will be spayed and neutered later this week.

  3. So much cuteness! Baloo reminds me of people in the movies looking at babies in hospital nurseries, MOL


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