Monday, November 15, 2021

Cross your fingers

 The screen doors blocking off the foster room work about 90% of the time. The other 10% mom spends chasing kittens off the top of the doors and around the condo. She had originally blocked off the lower 2/3 of the doors - to keep kittens off the screens and block sight lines.

However, certain enterprising kittens have managed to jump that distance. Mom had been reluctant to cover more of the doors. If you look in the top left corner of the first picture, those are sliding doors in the dining room. This allows a lot of light into our condo as the only other window in the living room is the second picture and we don't get a lot of sunlight throughout the day.

Choices choices.....less light or loose kittens?? Erring on the side of less kittens in the house running loose, mom thought about how to block it off. Well, with $4 worth of post board, we are hoping this does the trick.

With there being less light coming in from the sliders, in addition to winter and the time change, mom bought some lights to go around the front window. Just to add a little cheer. So far so good. She did get smart and bought the plastic outdoor lights, so here's hoping they survive the gray monster.

Everyone is doing well. Orzo and Cavatelli were spayed on Thursday but have colds so they will be here a few more days. Mom is still juggling the surgery schedule for the rescue and dealing with holidays and vacations so our kittens will be further down the list.


  1. Chasing kittens sounds like a very aerobic exercise. It might be a great addition to some gyms. :p

    Hopefully this remedy least until the kittens figure it out.

  2. That's a pretty good solution for only four dollars.

  3. Oh, those rascally kittens!
    We also have a string of twinkle lights that we use as a sort of night light; The Hubby strung them on the ceiling of our staircase, so the mellow glow lights our way.


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