Monday, November 8, 2021

Coming & Going

 Mom got 2 of the boys on the surgery schedule and that means Fava and Manacotti went up to the adoption center on Saturday. Favs made it 30 minutes before he was adopted. 

Manacotti is still up there but hopefully his family shows up soon.

The rescue did get a call about another wobbly kitten. Since we have Mike, the new guy came here on Sunday. He seems to have a very mild case of CH....and a major case of the grumpy. He gets around very well, his head barely bobbles. And he spent the first part of his day here growling at every cat he saw. 


  1. What a cutie! No name yet?

    Paws crossed that Manicotti finds his furever home soon.

  2. That is awesome that Fava found a home so fast!

  3. Hope Manicotti gets adopted soon - and the new kitty settles in.

  4. Thirty minutes is impressive. Good luck to Manicatti.

  5. We are purraying Manacotti and hope he gets a forever home soon and we are sure the new guy will settle down.


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