Monday, June 21, 2021


 Well, most of the Celtic Kittens went to the adoption center on Saturday. Danu's spay site was swollen so she stayed here and has a vet appointment this morning.

The foster room got cleaned and reset. Gordon is now in there and the bigger Tespo panels were made into a cube for a pair of little girls. 

Plus there is this:

Meet Spicy. Yes, based on her current personality. An adopter from the reacue foubd her. She's probably about 6 weeks old and very not sure about anything. However, mom has seen her on the cameras playing and trying to interact with Gordon. 

We've delayed a little bit introducing the little girls. They were crated while mom kept a close eyeon them to make sure they are eating and doing ok. They were a hot mess since they ate just old enough to figure things out without a mom. Which means Sunday they got a bath;

Both brown tabby, both girls,one short hair one medium. Still deciding on names. 


  1. Sweet babies!
    Am a total sucker for tabby cats; The PO'M has trained me well.

  2. The girls are so sweet and so is Spicy. Adorable. We send purrs to Danu!

  3. The two babies are adorable! So is Spicy.

  4. OMG, it is a just a houseful of cute! Hope all is going well with Danu.


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