Wednesday, June 30, 2021


 It seems to be the summer of single kittens. Mom is willing to take the risk of mixing litters so she is taking the singles that need a space. 

If you remember Carsen that we lost, meet his brother Cameron.

The trapper working in that trailer park found him about a week after Carsen passed away. She kept him for a while but he joined us on Monday so he can socialize and learn some cat skills.

He has met all the other cats. He isn't very sure about himself yet so he has been sitting back and watching the action for the past couple of days.

Brigid clearly took offense to another black cat in the foster room when he first showed up.

Brigid will be going back to the rescue this week since her spay incision looks much better. Gordon will be neutered in the next couple of weeks. Miss Spicy is doing better. She is still hand shy if mom reaches to grab her but she warms up quickly once she's caught. In fact on Monday she wiggled out of the towel and curled up on her own and took a nap on mom while purring. AWWW

Cameron is very sweet and wants to play though he hasn't had other cat exposure of his own size so he's trying to figure the whole thing out. We doubt it will take very long before he is running around with everyone else. 

The little girls continue to do well but are behind the panels for now until they grow some.


  1. Kittens just pop up out of the dirt! Thanks for running a kitten nursery.

  2. I'm reading this after seeing the FB post that Brigid overturned the panels this morning. Just a little crazy with all the kittens. Have fun!

  3. They are all really sweet and we wish them the best in finding homes

  4. wel come ta ewe cameron.....we iz sorree bout yur brother....heerz best fishez for findin yur for everz home ~~~ !!☺☺♥♥

  5. We send purrayers and POTP to Cameron and hope he does well !

  6. Saving the single kittens; what a job!
    Thank you for making that extra effort.

  7. What sweet little ones! It is strange to have single kittens, but it does happen. Again, these little ones are so sweet!

  8. Things (and kittens) are sure hopping at your house!

  9. These little ones are si lucky to have you to look after them when they need it most.

    Tama and Benny


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